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Win a Dream Hunt in Namibia 2019

Win an extraordinary Hunting Safari in Namibia and support our school, Tsumeb Gimnasium. 

100,00 ZAR each

1st Prize Hunt in Namibia

8 days hunting : 1 hunter and 1 non-hunter

  • 1 Trophy Eland
  • 1 Trophy Kudu
  • 1 Trophy Oryx
  • 1 Trophy Impala
  • 1 Trophy Blue Wildebeest
  • 1 Trophy Warthog
  • 1 Trophy Springbok


2nd Prize Hunt in Namibia

10 days hunting: 1 hunter and 1 non-hunter

  • 1 Trophy Eland Bull
  • 1 Trophy Impala
  • 1 Trophy Warthog
  • 1 Trophy Duiker/Steinbuck
  • Meat of Oryx

Terms and conditions Hunt in Namibia 2019

For only ZAR 100 (~US$ 10 / € 10 ) you have the opportunity to win one of two amazing hunting packages!

  • CLOSING DATE : 20 September 2019
  • DRAWING DATE : 4 October 2019
  • Included: 10 or 8 days hunting, accommodations, meals, soft drinks and laundry services for 1 Hunter.
  • Each hunt will be conducted by a Licensed Professional Hunting Guide.
  • Excluded: Taxidermy and transport to and from the Airport. (US $300 for round trip per person.) Additional trophies, hunters and or observers may be added.
  • Please note raffled trophies cannot be exchanged.
  • Valid between September 2019—August 2020

Prizewinners for 2018 as announced on the 31st of August 2018

  • The 1st prize was won by ticket no.4643 - Mr Franz Eder.
  • The 2nd prize was won by no ticket no. 14798 - Mr Slabbert Maartens Jnr
  • The 3rd prize was won by ticket no. 2883- Mr Andre Barnard
  • The 4th prize was won by ticket no. 1018 - Mr D de Villiers


Congratulations to all prize winners, and thank you for participating in this competition!

Our sponsors

Tsumeb Gimnasium is a blessed Christian school in the heart of the northern Namibian hunters paradise. In the light that many of our wonderful school’s parents own hunting farms, they made a collective decision to donate a extraordinary hunting package to the school. All funds raised, will be used to improve Tsumeb Gimnasium and its facilities to make it possible to raise the next generation of young leaders in Africa.

SMJ Safaris 

SMJ-Safaris SMJ Safaris offers some of the best hunting of plains game and birds in Namibia. All hunting ethics are kept to highest degree through out the whole safari. The hunting areas consist of out of more than a 150 000 acres and more than 16 different species of game can be hunted in these areas. http://www.smj-safaris.com

Afrihunt Safaris

Afrihunt A glorious Namibian hunt awaits you under the expert guidance of Justus and Karla Brits, who look forward to sharing an unforgettable time with you here in Namibia! Situated just 30km north of Otavi on the B1 en-route to Tsumeb, the Etosha National Park, Owamboland and Kavango, Afrihunt Safaris lies in the heart of the Otavi mountains. http://www.afrihuntsafaris.com/

Damara Dik-Dik Safari's

Damara Dik Dik SafarisSurrounded by mountainous plains lies Damara Dik-Dik Lodge and Ranch. Its name refers to the smallest antelope in Namibia, the Damara Dik-Dik. The lodge is situated in the Northern part of Namibia, approximately 60 miles from Etosha National Park and only 11 Miles from Tsumeb, the capital of the Otjikoto Region. Damara Dik-Dik Safaris has two privately owned properties to meet all your needs. One for bowhunting, called Damara Dik Dik Ranch and Lodge and one for rifle hunting called La-Rochelle Ranch and Lodge. http://www.dikdiksafaris.com

Duiker Safaris

Duiker-Safaris Duiker Safaris Namibia caters for your every requirement endeavors to make bush hunting an unforgettable experience. Duiker Safaris Namibia is proud to offer the highest quality of plains game hunting as well as leopard hunting in Namibia. They have over 20 plains game hunting species such as Kudu, Eland,  Oryx to name a few. http://www.duiker.iway.na

Elandpro Safaris

Elandpro-SafarisElandpro Safaris is owned by Gerrit Breedt, Professional Hunter and owner of the hunting ranch, Mooilaagte. Their hunting area is famous for most of the larger plains game such as eland and kudu. Apart from an outstanding hunting safari, they also offer trips around our beautiful country. By choosing Elandpro Safaris you choose personal attention, a friendly atmosphere and most importantly an excellent outfitter and professional hunter. http://www.elandpro.com/

Eldoret Hunting

EldoretEldoret Hunting provides typical African Ranch hunting combined with hunting in game only areas and concessions throughout the Northern and North Eastern part of Namibia including the Caprivi. Eldoret Hunting  prides themselves in ethical walk and stalk hunting pre empted by a fair chase.  Their privately owned lands are situated in the North Eastern part of Namibia. Namibia, with our wide open spaces that provides every visitor with breathtaking scenes and memories. http://www.eldorethunting.com.na/

Engelbrecht Safaris

EngelbrechtEngelbrecht Safaris was founded in 1997. Tobie Engelbrecht, as the founder and owner of the company, is also the Professional Hunter and Main Guide of the Company. The company has three Professional Hunters and guides in total. Engelbrecht Safaris will cater for every need of the clients, whether it is hunting, fishing or a pure photographic safari. Engelbrecht Safaris stands for an experience of a lifetime. http://www.engelbrechtsafaris.com/

Etoscha Jagdfarm

Etoscha-JagfarmEach hunt is adapted to the specific needs of the client and provides a variety of hunting methods. These include the use of 4x4 huntingvehicles as well as tracking on foot. To back up the hunt we make use of the tracking skills and knowledge of Bushman trackers. Whether you are a first-timer or an experienced hunter, you can be assured of an unforgettable adventure. http://www.etosha-jagdfarm.com/english/

Ghaub Guestfarm

ghaub-guestfarmGuestfarm Ghaub is located in the agricultural heartland of Namibia's fertile northern region. Sprawling lawns dotted with palm trees and original old-style mission buildings roll into wild bush and a view of Otavi Mountains in the distance. The major attraction at Guestfarm Ghaub is caving – a thrilling experience! The Ghaub cave is Namibia’s third largest cave and is about 38m deep and about 2,5km long. http://www.ghaub.com/

Harabe Safari Hunting Lodge

Hunting-SafarisNamibian Safari Hunting Lodge in Namibia is a family business, it consists of excellent hunting opportunities with a family atmosphere. A large variety of Plains Game is available, we offer great scenery, lots of game and birds, warm hospitality, wonderful food and a hunting experience you will never forget! http://www.namibiahuntinglodge.com/

Makalaan Hunting Safaris

MakalaanHunting Safaris Makalaan Namibia is located in the game rich North-Eastern part of Namibia close to the Bushmanland and Okavango area. We are approximately a hundred kilometers North-East of Grootfontein. With the help of the local tribes people Makalaan Hunting Safaris  will give you a once in a lifetime hunting experience! The wide range of satisfied trophy hunters is proof to their success! http://www.makalaan-safaris.com/

Orpa Hunt

orpahuntOrpa Hunting Safaris, a private hunting ranch in northern Namibia, Africa invites you to experience a hunting safari in magnificent Namibia. Orpa Hunting Safaris promotes the principle of fair chase. Namibia is a paradise for the African plains game trophy hunter, where more than 21 species are available. We offer exclusive hunting for you or you and your group of hunters. http://www.orpahunt.com/

Sachsenheim Guestfarm

SachsenheimSachsenhein Guestfarm is situated on the eastern side of the famous Etosha National Park only 25 km from the von Lindequist entrance gate. The guestfarm is definitely one of the more affordable accommodations this close to the park and it offers homely hospitality, a restaurant and bar and a refreshing swimming pool. http://www.sachsenheim-wild.de


WahlwildBesides the Hunting packages WahlWild also offers safari drives on the farm both morning and night rides as well as bird aatching and several tours to Namibian highlights like the Kavango River, Etosha Park, Magetti National Park. http://wahlwild.blogspot.com



Tsumeb Gimnasium is a blessed Christian school in the heart of the northern Namibian hunters paradise. In the light that many of our wonderful school’s parents own hunting farms, they made a collective decision to donate a extraordinary hunting package to the school. The winner of this package will have the opportunity to spend 10 carefree days in the magnificent beauty of the Namibian bushveld with a professional hunter at his or her side while making hunt on some of the extraordinary and rare Namibian animals. The meat of the hunt will be made available to the Cheetah Foundation, Ombili Bushmen Foundation and the HOPE children’s centre—all organizations whom Tsumeb Gimnasium  would like to benefit from this project as well. All funds raised, will be used to improve Tsumeb Gimnasium and its facilities to make it possible to raise the next generation of young leaders in Africa.

Your support of this worthy project is highly appreciated.