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Win an Elephant hunt in Namibia

For only ZAR/N$ 100 (US$ 10 / EUR 10) you have the opportunity to win an elephant hunt in Namibia.

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100,00 ZAR each
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Elephant Hunt in Namibia

Elephant hunt in Namibia

You have the unique possibility to win an Elephant Hunt in Namibia! It is the chance of a lifetime to be part of this adventurous, well-organized hunting safari in North-Eastern Namibia. The prize includes Ten Days hunting in Nyae-Nyae Conservancy, One NON-Trophy Elephant bull, all ground transport from Grootfontein, all drinks and food during the hunt as well as the services of big game PH.

Raffle Ticket are only N$ 100.

Prizewinners for 2016

  • The 1st prize was won by ticket no. 619 – Ernest Point from Germany
  • The second prize was won by no ticket no. 170 – Dr. Pieter du Plessis from Namibia
  • The third prize was won by ticket no. 556 – P Easeman from United Kingdom


Congratulations to all prize winners, and thank you for participating in this competition!

 Last Years Winners

Terms and conditions

1.  The winning ticket holder must be 18 years or older.
2.  Has to be in good physical shape able to walk at least 10 km per day.
3.  The hunt has to take place during the 2019 hunting season with prearranged dates with SMJ Safaris.
4.  This price is only for the winning ticket holder any observers that would join the winner on the hunt would be obliged to pay a daily rate.
5.  If the reserve price of $16500 is not in full received via ticket sales, the winner will be liable to pay the difference in order to claim the prize. If he/she is not able to do such, the second runner up will be deemed the winner if he/she is able and willing to pay the difference and so forth.

  • Easy and secured Credit Card Payment
  • Draw date is 31.03.2019
  • More information will follow


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Tsumeb Gimnasium is a blessed Christian school in the heart of the northern Namibian hunters paradise. In the light that many of our wonderful school’s parents own hunting farms, they made a collective decision to donate a extraordinary hunting package to the school. The winner of this package will have the opportunity to spend 10 carefree days in the magnificent beauty of the Namibian bushveld with a professional hunter at his or her side while making hunt on some of the extraordinary and rare Namibian animals. The meat of the hunt will be made available to the Cheetah Foundation, Ombili Bushmen Foundation and the HOPE children’s centre—all organizations whom Tsumeb Gimnasium  would like to benefit from this project as well. All funds raised, will be used to improve Tsumeb Gimnasium and its facilities to make it possible to raise the next generation of young leaders in Africa.

Your support of this worthy project is highly appreciated.