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Code of Honor

As a pupil at Tsumeb Gymnasium I undertake to ….

  • Use the talents, which have been given to me, in such a way to praise the Lord with the faith that He rules over every person, school, nation and country.
  • To be loyal to the school.
  • To show respect to the headmaster, personnel and students I come in contact with.
  • Show respect in my attitude towards others.
  • To be friendly, helpful and honest with everyone.
  • To do my best in every activity I do and where I represent my school.
  • To give recognition to everyone who has distinguished him/ herself.
  • To be forgiving towards persons who have offended me.
  • To be helpful towards the under privileged and destitute.
  • To be honest and sincere towards my elders, peers and juniors.
  • To abstain from actions which can harm, belittle or offend my peers.
  • To be loyal to my country, church and community, to strive towards becoming a valuable member of my country and people.
  • To always strive towards purity in respect of my person, work and thoughts in order that I can be a member of an enlightened community.

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