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Dear Parents

How does one say thank you to everyone for such an amazing term? Our school has achieved and done things in this term that in some cases was not only a first but also a breakthrough in our school and in our country.
Never before in the history of the Namibia private schools had any school have the courage to organise an entire private schools athletics meet in a venue other than the Windhoek Stadium and outside of their own town. Gimmies did not only moved it ...... we moved it GREAT, so Great that the National meeting was also held there ......... .GUTS !! This GUTS / FAITH to work together and host a National Private Schools event over 600km away from home SUCCESSFULLY. This has spread our name across the country and an incredible Profit of N$ 210,000 was raised by our school.

Many, many thanks to all our staff, parents and our children who contributed to this great success. To all of you who contributed and especially to all of you who got in your car and have incurred a lot of time and costs to stay and work together for 2-3 days and this for the school ...... how van I sufficiency thank you?

AND if that was not enough we had to focus on much more in this term. There was; the concert, kindergarten Athletics, Athletics clinic, JUGI concert, golf day, Residence Cowboy dance, Valentine's Ball, Interhouse athletics, Desert Festival, Council Cup, trials, Mr and Miss Gimmie, Night March, National athletics and of course Exam / Test Series , all very SUCCESSFULLY completed.

What a very busy but VERY, VERY blessed period we had, and none of this would have been so blessed without our Father and our staff, parents and children that showed; SIZE does not count ...... Only GUTS !!!

Once again THANK YOU !!

May each of you enjoy a most enjoyable WELL-DESERVED vacation and rest for another term full of wonderful opportunities for our children.

Wouter Niehaus 

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