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Hostel Staff

    Contact Person
Primary School Superintendent Me. C. Niehaus
High School girls  Superintendent Me. C. Niehaus
  Staff Me. L White

Me. F. van Rooyen

Me. S. Vermaak

High School boys Superintendent Mnr. W. vd Merwe
  Staff Mnr. A. Vermaak
    Mnr. P. van Wyk
Matrone   Me. K. van Wyk
Kitchen   Zettie, Candina, Dorothea, Doris, Linus, Josef and Petrina
Finances   Elsebe Robbertse



  • Wednesday: Visit shops
  • Thursday: Entertainment evenings organized by prefects

Computers with internet access available for students.

Also: Volleyball, TV room and elementary school playground.

There is a set timetable for Biokineticist sessions for gr. 10-12

There are currently 29 primary school children and 50 High school children living in the hostel

Hostel Management

Izak Grobbelaar (Chairperson), Karla Britz, Elaine Potgieter, Maria Sachse, Stephanie Grobler, Pieter Schalk Grobbelaar (Representatives from BoD), Jan Keyser, Dawie Kok, Joppie Potgieter, Wimpie Otto, Marietjie Otto

Hoste lfees

Gr 1-11 Per Child per month x 11 months N$ 1520
Gr 12 Per Child per monthx 9 months N$ 1858
Entrance fee Once-off for new learners N$ 1000
Re-registation fee Per child per year N$ 100
Other Meals Per meal per person N$ 45
Washing Per bundle N$ 50
Weekend fee Per child per weekend N$ 100
Meat turns Per child per year OR 60kg processed meat per child per year N$ 3000



The residence was originally started in a tent which was also the study-hall and as a dining room and boardroom. Aunt Ousus was the House Mother. Wouter, Christa and 22 boys were in a house.  Aunt Ousus and 12 girls lived in a different house. Boys from Grade 1, took turns to fire in the donkey ( a water heating system). There was only one toilet / shower in the house for 24 people.

Education took place in the church hall and adjacent classes. Residence and school hours were organised by ringing the hand bell.

The names of the boys and girls division is named after trees.  The high school boys live in House Tamboti, the girls in house Jacaranda and the primary school boys in House Acacia.

Athletics was practiced on the lawn in front of the house and sprints practiced in the street. There was only one rugby team from u / 9 - U / 13.

Beds were welded only to find that they were too big to go through the front door! The beds had to be cut in the middle and be assembled in the house. There were 14 beds in total.

The current buildings next to the hospital was officially bought in 2012.


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