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Wouter Niehaus Wouter Niehaus


Petri van Wyk Petri van Wyk

Principal: High School

Biologie Gr 11-12

Science G 11-12

Belinda Gerber  Belinda Gerber

Principal: Primary School

English Gr 1-3


High School - Teachers

 Carin Burger  Carin Burger

Agricultural Science Gr 10-12

Agricultural Management Gr 10-12

Nicky Conradie  Nicky Conradie

Business Studies Gr 10
LO Gr 10-12

Biology Gr 8

History Gr 8

Nadine du Plessis Nadine du Plessis

Head of Department

Geography Gr 8-12

History Gr 8-9

Hanli Grobler

Hanli Grobler

Head of Department

 Head of Department

Afrikaans Gr 8-11

Sonja Horn Sonja Horn English Gr 9-12
flippie Flippie Nel

Mathematics Literacy Gr 10-12

Business Studies Gr 11-12

Marietjie Marietjie van Jaarsveld

Accounting Gr 10-12

EBW Gr 8-9


Alida van der Merwe

Head of Department

Head of Department

CAT Gr 8-12
Mathematics Gr 8A

Charmaine Charmaine Silver

Mathamatics Gr 8B -12


Waldimar Swartz

Biology Gr 9-12

Science Gr 8-9

History G r9

Petri van Wyk Petri van Wyk

Science Gr 10-12

Melanie Wasserfall Melanie Wasserfall

Hospitality Studies Gr 8-12


Liezel White

Afrikaans Gr 12

English Gr 8

Bible Gr 8-9


Primary School Teachers



Minjonne Lepen

Grade 4
Maritha Ayres Maritha Ayres

Head of Department, Senior Primary

Mathematics Gr 5-7

Hand and Needle work Gr 5-7 (Meisies)


Este Joubert

Grade 3-4
  Betsie Button Grade 0
Jolanda Henning  Jolanda Henning

Head of Department, Junior Primary

Grade 3

armand Armand Vermaak Mathematics Gr 4-6
Marieta Horn

Marieta Horn

Grade 2

waldimar  Waldimar Swartz

Science Gr 6-7

SOS Gr 5-7,

Computers Gr 4-7

Christa Niehaus Christa Niehaus Grade 1
Inka Opperman Inka Opperman English Gr 5-7


Grade R

Pieter Joubert

Science Gr 4-6
Louis vd Linde Louis vd Linde

Afrikaans Gr 5-7

Science Gr 5

Bible Gr 5-6

Franike v Rooyen Franike v Rooyen Grade 1
Thelma v Molendorff Thelma v Molendorff Grade 2

Suane Vermaak

Grade R


Administrative staff

Elsebie Robbertse Elsebie Robbertse

Secretary Admin, Finances,

Newspaper articles,

Board of Directors Minutes, Pastel

 Shanon Holder Shanon Holder Secretary Finances
Salome v Tonder  Salome v Tonder School Secretary


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