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Wouter Niehaus


29 years experience   


Principal: High School



Belinda Gerber

HED: Commerce

33 years experience

Principal: Primary School

Head of department

English primary Gr. 1-3


High School - Teachers


Elene Barkhuizen



Computer studies Gr. 9

Hospitality Gr. 8-12


Nicky Conradie

BA. Tourism management

PGCE in Tourism management and business

18 years experience

Gr. 12 guardian

Active Citizenry Gr. 9-12

Business Studies Gr. 9-12


Ansie Cornelissen

National Diploma in Trade

Certificate in TAX

Certificate: Business Finance Administration – IMB 

Diploma in Education

Education Diploma Primary 

B.Ed (Honours) 

Conduct outcomes-based Assessment (Assessors) - Umalusi: IEB South Africa

25 years experience

Academic Control Manager

Head of Department

Accounting Gr. 8-12


Jolinda Cronje

B.Ed Senior phase in Mathematics

B.Ed (Honours)

M.Ed in Mathematics

5 years experience

Mathematics Gr. 8-12

Marschell Gouws

2 years experience

English Primary Fassilitator Gr. 8 - 9

Sonia Horn

HED: Senior Primary

VDO: Special Education

34 years experience

Head of Department

English Gr. 8-12


Mienke Ras

B.Ed Secondary Honnors Maths and Biology - Student 

 2 years experience

Physical Science Gr. 9

Quantitative Reasoning Gr. 9-12


Alida van der Merwe


33 years experience

Head of Department

Computer Studies Gr. 11-12   

Physical Science Gr. 10-12    


Jolandi Vogel

years experience

 Active Citizenry Gr. 9

Biology Gr. 9-12

Physical Science Gr. 8


Pieter Vogel

B.SocSc in Geography and Sosiology

Sertificate in Reformatory Education

11 years experience

 Agricultural management Gr. 9-12

Liezel White

BA. Languages

Post graduate diploma in Businessmanagement

TEFL Certificate

Student in Diploma in Education

7 years experience

Grade 10 guardian

Afrikaans Gr. 8-12


Primary School Teachers



Maritha Ayres


30 years experience

Head of Department

Gr. 7 guardian

Art Gr. 4-5

Bible Gr. 6

Mathematics Gr. 5-7

Reading Gr. 7


Betsie Button

Early childhood development

23 years experience

Gimmie land Gr. R

Jessica Jansen van Rensburg

B.Ed intermediary in maths and science

4 Year experience

 Gr. 5 guardian

Bible Gr. 5

Computers Gr. 4-7

Science Gr. 5-7

SOS Gr. 5-7

Moné Jansen van Vuuren

2 years experience

English Primary

Gimmie land Gr. RR-R


Anna Kriel

Diploma in PP NQ Level 7

Sport and marketing management N7

Level 2 National netball coach

Africa B National referee

8 years experience

English primary

Head of Computers

Bible Gr. 6-7

Computers Gr. 4-7

Natural science Gr. 4-7

Mathematics Gr. 4-7

Reading Afrikaans Gr. 4

Reading Gr. 6-7


Minjonne Lepen

B.Ed Foundation

6 years experience

Afrikaans Gr. 4-7

Afrikaans 2nd Language Gr. 4-7 English Primary

Bible Gr. 4 

Mathematics Gr. 4 

Social studies Gr. 4

Science Gr. 4 

Reading Gr. 5


Linda Marais

Pleegsorg and safety

Day care

32 years experience

 Baby land

Christa Niehaus


28 years experience

Head of department

Gr. 1 guardian

Gr. 1


Inka Opperman

Diploma in tourism

26 years experience

Gr. 6 guardian

Arts Gr. 6-7

Bible Gr. 7

English 2nd Language Gr. 4-7


Engela Robberts

Primary school teacher at Gimmieland

32 years experience

 Baby land


Thelma Robbertse

Diploma in foundation and intermediary

8 years experience

Head of Department

NAPSO head of Gr. 3

Gr. 3 guardian

Gr. 3


Louis van der Linde

BA. Honnors in sociology


23 years experience

Afrikaans 1st Language Gr. 4-7

Reading Gr. 6


Franike Vermaak

B.Ed Honnors

13 years experience

Gr. 2 guardian

Gr. 2


Fungayi JR "Junior" Hlupo

3 Year experience

Head of cricket


Administrative staff


Charmaine Bell

Senior certificate in bookkeeping and accounting

10 years experience

School Secretary

NAPSO secretary

CEO's Personal Assistant

Petty Cash finances


Kim Groenewald

years experience

 Part time secretary


Lize-Mari Esterhuizen

years experience


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