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Wouter Niehaus


27 years experience   


Principal: High School


Agricultural Management Gr. 10-12


Belinda Gerber

HED: Commerce

31 years experience

Principal: Primary School

Head of department

English primary Gr. 1-3


High School - Teachers


Nicky Conradie

BA. Tourism management

PGCE in Tourism management and business

16 years experience

Gr. 10 guardian

Business Studies Gr. 10-12

 LO Gr. 10-12


Ansie Cornelissen

National Diploma in Trade

Certificate in TAX

Certificate: Business Finance Administration – IMB 

Diploma in Education

Education Diploma Primary 

B.Ed (Honours) 

Conduct outcomes-based Assessment (Assessors) - Umalusi: IEB South Africa

23 years experience

Accounting Gr. 10-12


Sonia Horn

HED: Senior Primary

VDO: Special Education

32 years experience

Head of Department

English Gr. 8-12


Willem Linde

BA. MBW and psychology

Postgraduate diploma in businessmanagement


Gr. 8 guardian

Biology Gr. 8-12

Agriculture Gr. 11


Mardine Louw

BS.c Consumer science and marketing management


Gr. 9 guardian

Afrikaans Gr. 8-9

EBW Gr. 8-9

Maths Literacy Gr. 10


Mienke Ras

B.Ed Secondary Honnors Maths and Biology - Student 

Physical Sciences Gr. 8-9

 Charmaine S

Charmaine Silver

BSc. Honnors


37 years experience

 Head of Department

Academic Quality Manager

Mathamatics Gr. 8 -12


Alida van der Merwe


31 years experience

Head of Department

CAT Gr. 8-12

Mathematics Literacy Gr. 11-12   

Science Gr. 10-12    


Christo van Zyl

BSc. Geography, zoology and tourism

3 years experience

Gr. 11 guardian

Geography Gr. 8-12

Agriculural Science Gr. 12


Melanie Wasserfall

B.Ed intemediary- and seniorphase

9 years experience

Head of Department

Hospitality Studies Gr. 8-12


Liezel White

BA. Languages

Post graduate diploma in Businessmanagement

TEFL Certificate

Student in DE 

5 years experience

Head of computers

Afrikaans Gr. 10-12

Computers Gr. 8-9

History Gr. 8-9


Primary School Teachers



Maritha Ayres


28 years experience

Head of Department

Gr. 7 guardian

Mathematics Gr. 5-7

Art Gr. 4-5

Bible Gr. 7

Reading Gr. 5-7


Betsie Button

Early childhood development

21 years experience

Gimmie land Gr. R

Suné Engelbrecht

Teaching assistent

Diploma in Junior primary - Student

2 years experience

 Gimmie land Gr. RR

Jessica Janssen van Rensburg

B.Ed intermediary in maths and science

 Gr. 5 guardian

Science Gr. 5-7

SOS Gr. 5-7

Computers Gr. 4-7

Bible Gr. 5


Anna Kriel

Diploma in PP NQ Level 7

Sport and marketing management N7

Level 2 National netball coach

Africa B National referee

6 years experienced

English primary

Computers Gr. 4-7

NIS Gr. 4-7

Mathematics Gr. 4-7


Minjonne Lepen

B.Ed Foundation

4 years experience

Social studies Gr. 4

Science Gr. 4 

Mathematics Gr. 4 

Bible Gr. 4 

Afrikaans Gr. 4-7


Linda Marais

Pleegsorg and safety

Day care

30 years experience

 Baby land

Christa Niehaus


26 years experience

Head of department

Gr. 1 guardian

Gr. 1


Inka Opperman

Diploma in tourism

24 years experience

Gr. 6 guardian

English Gr. 4-7

Bible Gr. 6

Arts Gr. 6-7


Engela Robberts

Primary school teacher at Gimmieland

30 years experience

 Baby land


Thelma Robbertse

Diploma in foundation and intermediary

6 years experience

Head of Department

NAPSO head of Gr. 3

Gr. 3 guardian

Gr 3


Lianne van Eeden

25 years at NAMDEB Diamond Mine Maintanance Planning

4 years on job training

English Primary

Grade R


Louis van der Linde

BA. Honnors in sociology


21 years experience

Afrikaans Gr. 4-7

Science Gr. 5

Bible Gr. 5-6

 J M

Jean-Marie van Zyl

B.Ed Senior and VOO

3 years experience

English primary

Gr. 4-5 guardian

English Gr. 4-7

Social studies Gr. 4-7

Arts Gr. 4-7

Reading Gr. 4-5

Bible Gr. 4-5


Franike Vermaak

B.Ed Honnors

11 years experience

Gr. 2 guardian

Gr. 2


Fungayi JR "Junior" Hlupo

Head of cricket


Administrative staff


Mrs. Charmaine Bell

Senior certificate in bookkeeping and accounting

8 years experience

NAPSO secretary

Nico Nella 

Mrs. Nico-Nella Fryer


Introduction to level 1 cricket

First aid level 1


Netball umpiring level 1-2

Track and field level 1 

IRB coaching level 1

IAAF Kids athletics course 

3 years experience

Finance and administration

Sports organiser


Mrs. Kim Groenewald

School Secretary


Mrs. Hannie van Wyk

IAH: Financial management

Diploma in secretary

40 years experience



Mrs. Janine Wahl

7 years experience


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